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Provision of Remote Delivered Periodic Training to Continue

Published on: Oct 02 2020 at 02:34 PM


We have been informed that DVSA intend to leave the option to deliver periodic training remotely in place until at least 31 January 2021. Periodic trainers are still free to deliver training in a classroom if they are content they can do so in line with Government guidance about minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19.




DVSA go on to say "trainers may also wish to consider the remote delivery option to provide future flexibility in the event of further local lockdowns or changes in policy from central government or the devolved administrations which might impact the approach to delivering training in the classroom"


As you are aware we have both delivery options available to Members.



EU drivers’ hours and tachograph rules will change on 20 August!

Published on: Aug 17 2020 at 10:21 AM




DVSA will publish updated drivers’ hours guides this week, they have apologised for the short notice, we will of course update this item as soon as we have further details.





The new rules will include:


  • a requirement for drivers’ to ‘return home’ every 4 weeks
  • a ban on taking regular weekly rest periods in the driver’s vehicle
  • a new definition of ‘non-commercial carriage’
  • more flexibility on the scheduling of the rest periods for some drivers on international carriage of goods
  • new provisions for rests and breaks for drivers when journeys involve transport by ferry or by rail
  • a new requirement to keep a full record of all other work.



Changes to regulations based on the review/consultation about amendments to Driver CPC

Published on: Jul 27 2020 at 07:03 PM


We have this evening (27/07/20) been informed by JAUPT that DVSA have updated the to reflect some recent changes to regulations based on the review/consultation about amendments to Driver CPC.




The main changes are:

  • Drivers should complete 7 hours of training a year.
  • They should not repeat the same course unless there is a specific need.
  • If DVSA believe a training provider knowingly allowed a driver to repeat courses, they may revoke the driver’s periodic training hours, or their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DQC) card.
  • Courses can include a maximum of 2 hours e-learning per 7-hour course for drivers to complete prior to attending the classroom or during the classroom sessions, where the other five hours will be delivered.
  • Drivers can now also undergo training based on other transport-related EU Directives that does not hold specific approval as a Driver CPC course.
  • This may include training on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR training taken under Directive 2008/68/EC) and other training yet to be confirmed.


We will, of course, keep you updated as we read the in-depth guidance that has accompanied this announcement.



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