Delegates FAQ’s

Booking a place on a course as a delegate – how do I do it?
On the home page of the website you will see a search facility, firstly select the course type, so for example say CPC Link Modular Course. Then select the course name and finally the town in which you would like to complete the training.
Assuming there is a course that meets your criteria it will appear once you select the search button. If you wish to proceed select Details/Booking and you can then enter details for the person booking the course, then the names of the delegates attending the course. Tick the Terms & Conditions box and select Book Course, this will take you through to the payment page.

When attending a course, what do I need to bring with me?
You MUST take your driving license and one of the following types of identification:

  • a photo card driving licence
  • a valid passport
  • a digital tachograph card
  • a driver qualification card (DQC)

In addition to the above it all depends which course you are attending and you will often find specific details listed within the course criteria. As a general rule all you need for the theory courses is comfy clothing – remember with something like manual handling or first aid there will be a practical element.
With all courses involving vehicles or machinery you will need safety footwear, high visibility clothing, possibly gloves and a hard hat. Some specific courses may require additional items such as a harness – if in doubt please check with the centre delivering the course and remember to check your course joining instructions.
With regard to refreshments, all centres will provide drinks and many provide lunch but again please check on the specific course details and course joining instructions

How long does a course last?
All courses that are registered for use as Driver CPC have to last for a minimum of seven hours otherwise the hours cannot be uplifted to the DSA. The seven hours does not include breaks and any tests or assessments so please don’t be annoyed when a course goes on a little longer than you anticipated.

What happens if I have to leave early?
If you have to leave a course early then unfortunately we will not be able to register the hours with the DSA.

When will I get my certificate?
Once the course has been completed we have five working days to uplift the details to the DSA. As soon as the uplift has taken place, often within one or two days of course completion, your certificate is automatically generated and sent to your email inbox – please check in your spam or trash box if you don’t receive your certificate within the five days. It is important that you complete the course register with a valid email address that is legible!

What if I don’t have an email?
Good question, anyone who does not have an email please state the fact on the course register or tell your instructor. The certificate will be sent from us to the training centre who will print and post your certificate to you.

What if I need a duplicate certificate?
If you need a duplicate certificate, please contact your training provider who will be able to provide you with a duplicate copy – there may be a small admin charge.

What if I can’t remember who I completed the training with?
If you can’t remember who your training provider was then please contact us at The CPC Link and we will provide all the information you require.

What happens if I need to cancel or fail to turn up?
Please read the delegate terms and conditions.

How do I get my Driver Qualification Card? (DQC)
Upon the 35 hours of periodic training being uplifted to the DSA database the DQC is produced and sent directly to your home address, or to be a little more precise, it is sent to the address on your current driving license which should be your home address. Please check your license prior to attending the course.

I think that I may be exempt from Driver CPC, how do I check?
There are certain circumstances when you may be exempt from Driver CPC requirements. If you would like to see some examples of when you would be exempt, please go to: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driver-cpc-exemptions-examples 


Members FAQ's

I’m a member of a consortium already but I’m not happy with the service or course materials!
If you’re not happy with your current consortium, maybe their charging extortionate fees or the service is not what was promised! Talk to us and we will stand by the membership and only invoice you for membership upon the expiry of your current accreditation –  in the mean time you can use our up-to-date course materials along with our industry leading marketing and admin web site. You will probably benefit from a reduction in registration fees as well!

Being a member of The CPC Link - How does it work?
You select the type of membership that suits your needs, whether you just want to take advantage of the web site to administer your own centre or utilise the benefits of membership to the full it’s up to you.
Prime membership enables you to register centres and instructors, book, edit and complete courses online. When you register a course online it is advertised on the website with delegates having the ability to book online. For more information on membership, please go to: http://cpclink.ninetendev.com/company-register

Where do I get the course documentation from?
The system prints off the course documentation including the course register with pre populated course and delegate details where applicable.

Who provides the course materials?
All course materials are provided upon becoming a member. They are updated as required and constructive feedback is always welcome. Should there be sufficient demand we will register and produce additional courses to meet member’s needs.

What do I need to check at the start of a course?
You must check the identity of all drivers using one of these forms of photo ID:

  • a photo card driving licence
  • a valid passport
  • a digital tachograph card
  • a driver qualification card (DQC)

You must also check the driving licence entitlement
You must check that all drivers have the right entitlement on their licence. Only drivers with large goods vehicle (LGV) or passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) entitlement can have periodic training recorded for them. The entitlement much match the course being delivered.

How does the uplift process work?
Upon course completion you as the training provider select the completed course from the list of courses online and add the drivers details as required. Feedback forms and a scan of the register completes the uplift process and then we take care of uplifting the details to the DSA database.

Who generates the delegate certificates?
Once the DSA uplift has been confirmed the system generates a delegate’s certificate along with the relevant course notes which are emailed direct to the delegate.

Can I access historic data?
You have access to your own secure member’s area where you can see all your historic data which you can search by different criteria should the need arise.

Should I book courses in advance?
As a condition of membership and to comply with JAUPT requirements, all courses have to be booked in advance. Once you register a course online we notify JAUPT of the details.

Is there any other advantage of booking courses in advance?
As well as advertise all your forthcoming courses on the website we publish a quarterly newsletter which is again in electronic format and goes to all Members, registered Instructors and all previous delegates. Within the newsletter there is all the latest industry news including changes in legislation etc. as well as a list of all your forthcoming courses to encourage repeat and new business. Once in your possession you are welcome to distribute the newsletter to all your customers as it will have all your company details including contact details and will look as if you have produced it!

How does it work when a delegate books online?
When you register a course on the system, you set the price and then we add the course registration fee (£14.75) which includes the £8.75 DSA registration fee. We also add the PayPal fee which is 3.4% of the total sale, for sales of less than £1,500, plus 20p per transaction. So, to be absolutely clear you get 100% of the price you set.

Who sends out a booking confirmation and course joining instructions?
When a delegate books a place on one of your courses online, they pay for the course prior to attending. They get an initial confirmation from us which includes course joining instructions. We also send you a confirmation email so you know who has booked and can send out any additional communications.
As a condition of membership, if you book delegates yourselves you must send out compliant joining instructions. A copy can be downloaded from the website.

What happens if someone cancels or fails to turn up?
We have set delegate terms and conditions, it would be impossible to have individual terms and conditions for each centre.

What do I need to do if I need to cancel a course?
Any amendment including cancelation of course must be notified to us preferably at least 48 hours prior to the course start. We are required to notify JAUPT and the DSA of any changes in advance of the course starting in order to avoid charges should an unannounced visit be carried out by JAUPT or the DSA.
All amendments and cancellations should be notified using amendments@cpclink.co.uk

I’m trying to process a course and it’s not being accepted!
If you’re having difficulty processing a course are you trying to do so outside the permitted window? The system won’t allow you to uplift a course if it is not within the five-day window of course completion as this is not compliant with DSA requirements.

How do Drivers get their Driver Qualification Card? (DQC)
Upon the 35 hours of periodic training being uplifted to the DSA database the DQC is produced and sent directly to the driver’s home address.

Can my instructors deliver the course?
Trainers’ qualifications and/or experience – the directive requires that each trainer is suitably qualified in the subject area(s) they are proposing to deliver. Trainers will be expected to present evidence of knowledge in the relevant subject area and also evidence of expertise in training/training techniques.
Evidence will take the form of:
• An appropriate training qualification OR
• A certificate of experience from an employer or customer that can evidence expertise in
delivering training 
• An appropriate qualification in the relevant subject OR
• A certificate of knowledge from an employer or customer that can evidence expertise in
the subject being delivered.
NOTE: In some instances, the same qualification/certificate may provide evidence of both subject knowledge and training experience e.g. the DSA Registered LGV Instructor Certificate or the Driving Instructor NVQ.

How can I train my instructors up to deliver The CPC Link training courses?
We can provide “Train the Trainer” courses if required, please contact us for details.

Instructor CPD, is it required?
JAUPT encourages continuous professional development for all trainers as this will benefit drivers and their employers. At The CPC Link we intend to produce a CPD presentation that all instructors must go through annually. The presentation will aid other forms of CPD and will include changes in legislation, updates from JAUPT and changes in course materials along with any other relevant information.


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