Become a Training Partner with The CPC Link

Membership & Fees

Consortium Membership and Fees.
Membership of The CPC Link Consortium is competitive against the market leaders. This is made possible with the use of the e-commerce web site ( which eradicates many of the associated administration costs and these cost savings have been passed on to reduce the Consortium Membership and registration fees.

Admin Membership - £300 per annum
Admin Membership is aimed at those companies who may already have Centre approval and courses registered with the JAUPT but need a secure cost effective admin system that guarantees compliance.

Basic Membership - £500 per annum
Basic Consortium Membership gives Members access to the approved course materials for use by registered instructors. Members are able to book courses on the e-commerce web site with the ability to advertise all open courses being included within the Membership fee.

Prime Membership - £600 per annum
Prime Membership has all the benefits of the Basic Membership but includes an e- newsletter being distributed to all previous delegates and instructors. The newsletter is sent out with the Consortium Member logo and contact details so it appears that it has been sent by them. It includes the latest changes within the transport industry e.g. driver’s hours and vehicle developments etc. It also includes a list of Centre’s forthcoming “open” courses to encourage repeat business.

On-going Costs
On-going Costs Delegate Registration Fee - £14.75 plus VAT where applicable, this includes the DVSA £8.75 upload fee.