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Government Response to Consultation on Extending First MOT Date to 4 years

Published on: Jan 18 2018 at 06:09 PM

The government has consulted on extending the period of the first MOT for cars and motorcycles from 3 years to 4 years. The consultation presented three options:


i. No change, maintain the current period for vehicles requiring a first MOT at three years.

ii. Extend the first MOT for all vehicles currently requiring an MOT at three years, to four years.

iii. As Option 2, but excluding vans in Classes 4 and 7, where we will maintain the current MOT three year first test timing.


Although there is some evidence that modern vehicles are better built, and the initial MOT failure rate is declining (suggesting owners are more conscientious), the evidence gathered under this consultation suggests that the additional risk to safety cannot be removed fully. The Government has therefore decided to maintain the current position of a first MOT being required after three years.


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