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Clarification of Driver CPC exemptions now in effect:

Published on: Nov 21 2017 at 09:29 PM

Regulations came into effect on Wednesday 13th November 2017 which clarify the exemptions from the requirement to hold Driver CPC for those who occasionally drive lorries, buses or coaches as part of their work but never carry passengers or goods for hire or reward.


These exemptions apply to around 76,000 people - mainly mechanics, valets and fitters. The driving they do is exempt from Driver CPC as long as all of the following apply:


 - No goods or passengers are being carried

 - The vehicle isn’t being used for hire or reward

 - Driving lorries or buses isn’t the driver’s main job

 - The vehicle is being used within a 50 kilometre radius of the driver’s base.


There’s also an exemption for drivers of vehicles driving to or from a pre-arranged appointment at a VOSA test centre or Authorised Testing Facility (ATF).


With these regulations now in force VOSA will not pursue or issue fines or penalties to these drivers for Driver CPC infringements.



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