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How to avoid vehicle inspections.

Published on: Oct 10 2017 at 01:03 AM


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is offering operators a way to reduce the possibility of their vehicles being stopped for inspections.


Under the “earned recognition for vehicle operators” scheme, the DVSA will use key performance indicators (KPIs) to help participants prove that they meet driver and vehicle standards.


Operators are now being sought to help pilot the scheme.


To be eligible, they must have held a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or public service vehicle (PSV) operator licence for at least two years and have digital management systems for vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours as well as a record of good compliance with driver and vehicle standards.


Those with multiple operator licences can apply, but must report the data for every licence held.


The digital management systems will monitor a vehicle’s performance against two sets of KPIs, one focusing on maintenance (including safety inspections and MOT pass rates) and one on driving activity (including infringements recorded on the tachograph analysis).


Data will be passed to the DVSA every four weeks.


By regularly sharing performance information with the Agency, operators are less likely to have their vehicles stopped for roadside inspections, the DVSA points out, which will save them time and money.


Companies successfully completing the pilot will have their details published (as a public recognition that they meet the standards) and will also get automatic entry to the new earned recognition scheme.


By way of an incentive, those piloting the scheme will be offered more support from the DVSA than will be available once the scheme is officially launched.


Further details, including how to apply to participate in the pilot project, can be found at


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