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Vehicle Safety Standards

Published on: Aug 22 2017 at 08:48 PM


  A coalition of industry groups and NGOs have called on the UK Government to pledge its support for European Commission plans to improve new vehicle safety standards.

A number of associations including Brake, the Association of Car Fleet Operators, Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, European Transport Safety Council, Living Streets, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and RoadPeace are calling for the government to improve minimum vehicle safety standards to reduce deaths and serious injuries on UK roads.

Last year, the European Commission published a list of 19 safety technologies which it is considering to make mandatory. In a published letter the group urged the roads minister to support these measures and champion continued improvements under UK legislation following Brexit.

The technologies under consideration for new cars includes Automated Emergency Braking, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), an overridable system for helping drivers stick to speed limits, as well as updates to crash testing requirements to protect occupants and people outside vehicles.

The European Commission is also considering measures specifically for lorries, to protect people and foot and bicycles, including improvements to lorry drivers’ direct vision.

Vehicle standards were last updated in 2009. 


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