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Another New Course! MEWP Operator Refresher.

Published on: Mar 10 2017 at 08:52 AM

The CPC Link are pleased to announce that another new course has been added to their list of available courses for use by Members as Periodic Driver CPC Training.

At the request of its Members The CPC Link made an application for a new course and today we are pleased to announce that JAUPT and the DVSA have given approval for a one day refresher course on the truck mounted category of MEWP. This now means that drivers of such vehicles can utilise industry training as Diver CPC Periodic Training rather than having to take additional time away from the workplace.

The original application was for both mobile as well as static types of MEWP, the idea being that delivery drivers working for MEWP rental companies could utilise the training. Unfortunately, this was refused by JAUPT and the DVSA as they did not feel that it came within the scope of the EU Directive (2003/59/EC) despite evidence to show that drivers of such vehicles are often required to operate MEWP’s during the loading and offloading process on the public highway as part of their daily duties.

It is fair to say that JAUPT and the DVSA are taking a more reserved view of what is, and is not acceptable for use as Periodic Driver CPC Training. Courses such as the industrial counterbalance forklift will generally receive approval whereas the telehandler type of forklift or any other type of plant operator refresher course will not receive approval.

The CPC Link have been assured that this is the case for all applicants so if your training provider says anything different then it might be worth checking with JAUPT before handing your money over! Drivers attending courses that are not JAUPT approved risk having the hours removed and therefore potentially driving illegally leaving themselves and their employer, if applicable, open to prosecution.

The new course is available with immediate effect. If you wish to know more about the course or would like to find out how you can deliver it to your staff, please contact us here. 


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