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Periodic training hours uploaded on the increase!

Published on: Jan 29 2017 at 10:16 AM

Periodic training hours uploaded in recent months:

August:       207,627

September: 272,029

October:     334,428 

November:  348,761

The above figures show a month by month increase in the number of periodic training hours that have been uploaded by training providers. As drivers and companies become ever more aware of the looming September 2019 deadline, these numbers are expected to increase month by month towards the 1,609,791 hours recorded in September 2014, the end of the initial cycle.

The numbers published at bear witness to what is happening with Members of The CPC Link who are reporting increased demand month by month. Both the number of courses delivered and the number of delegates attending courses has increased which clearly is encouraging.

We are still looking for additional members in certain areas of the country to offer a truly National coverage so if you are interested in getting involved with Periodic Driver CPC training please visit and find out more or email 


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