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Extending the scope of compulsory motor insurance

Published on: Jan 17 2017 at 02:12 PM


What is the problem under consideration?

Why is government intervention necessary? UK legislation provides victims of motor vehicle accidents with a route to claiming compensation where the driver is at fault, where the accident involves a vehicle which is designed for road use and where the accident occurs on a road or other public place. However, that route to compensation is not currently available to victims of accidents which occur on private land; or to victims of accidents which are caused by the negligent use of non-road-going vehicles. Government intervention is required to amend domestic legislation to ensure that victims are compensated in these instances, an obligation which was clarified by the European Court of Justice in 2014 in the “Vnuk judgment”.

Options that are under consideration by the DfT include: 

  • Broadening the UK definition of a motor vehicle and extending the insurance requirement beyond roads and other public places. This could mean users of motor vehicles (including trailers) would be required to have third party insurance on private land.


  • As above, but only requiring the users of motor vehicles to have third party insurance cover on land over which the public has access (whereas the other option would require insurance on private land).      

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